Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Another weird dream that I had

Remember all the way back in January where I wrote a post talking about a weird dream that I had, Where I was dressed up as a character from Borderlands inside of someone's RV at an amusement park? Well I had another weird dream, This time it's Overwatch related.
First off, The dream starts where I'm playing Heroes of the Storm on my computer as Tracer. and here is the weird part: I left to go do something for about 5 minutes and I left the game running. and when I came back, Tracer started to meow. That's when I woke up at around midnight to my cat Andromeda. She wanted to go out. So I let her out of my room and I went back to sleep.
And another thing is that I used to dream about the Equestria Girls movies. Now since I'm playing HotS and watching videos about Overwatch, I'm now dreaming about Tracer for some strange reason.
And if you think that dream was weird. Check out this post that I made on the EQD forums. Which you can check out right here

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