Saturday, October 21, 2017

CosmicPrincess is a TROLL!

Hey, this is DaydreamTracer AKA Bricknaut567 on I just wanted to send a message out to everyone on the Gallery to be aware of "CosmicPrincess". She is a troll and an art thief. She claims that she is in First Grade considering that most First Graders don't even know how to spell words properly. (I was a horrible speller back in Elementary School.) She stole a piece of artwork made by "DiamondFlame47" and NinjagoZaneFan14 AKA NZF called her out on it saying that she needs to give credit or she'll have to remove it. But that's not the only thing this person has done. She also stole a creation made by Bridgey27 which it was of the Mane 6 from MLP:FiM and she never gave her credit either! CosmicPrincess is one of those people who steal other people's work and claim it as their own. So, beware...

Saturday, May 6, 2017

A Warning to All Overwatch Fans and Collectors

The other day, I was visiting an Overwatch-related Facebook page and I clicked on a link and it took me to a random shopping website. and this website sold unauthorized Overwatch merchandise, Ranging from posters to t-shirts to hats, among other things and they were using stolen artwork. (Not just official Blizzard artwork, But fan art as well.) The website itself seemed rather shady. (Usually on "trusted" shopping websites you would see a badge that says: "Trusted Store by Google" or "Verified by Norton".) But the only form of security that I found on that website was a badge that read: "Protected by McAfee". (Which is a brand of anti-virus software that I do not trust.) and it had a notification box that read: "Person from (insert place here) just bought (insert product name here)" I recommend that you stay away from any shady shopping websites because chances are they might be selling knockoff merchandise or they might not be secure.
If you want to buy officially licensed Overwatch merchandise. I highly recommend that you buy them from either the Official Blizzard Gear store, Jinx or ThinkGeek. (Amazon to a point, But you have to be extremely careful)

Friday, January 27, 2017

A Gift for Rainbow Dash Day

With Rainbow Dash's "birthaversary" coming up next Wednesday and my current obsession with Overwatch. I decided to make this:

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Obey the Great and Powerful Router!

Credit to Stabzor, Shelmo69, ShelltoonTV and Trirox404 on DeviantArt for the vectors.
Sorry for the nonsensical title, It's been over two months since I last posted on this website because I was very busy during the holidays and the reason why I made that picture is because we have a router that likes to play tricks on us, (Just like Trixie from MLP.) Like if one of our cats sits on it, the wireless goes down. I wish we could replace it, but my dad is currently on a business trip so we'll have to wait until he gets home in order to buy a replacement. In the meantime, I will try to get this post out before our router decides to go down again. :P

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Phasehacker News for 11/10/16 - Trip to the Cabin and a Very Weird Story.

It's been three weeks since I last written a post on this website. So here I am again!
A few weeks ago I went on vacation to Tennessee to go to a cabin and spend time with my parents. and I had a blast. I went shopping at a Christmas store in Pigeon Forge called "The Incredible Christmas Place" where it's open all year long. It's even more Christmas-y than my mom's friend's house on Thanksgiving. (Don't ask.) and I got a Fluttershy ornament. (Which is not shown, Because I put it in our ornament box.) Because they didn't have a Rainbow Dash one. All they had was Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy. Moving on.
I have a weird story to tell you: When I went on vacation last month, I kind of forgotten about Overwatch and all I focused on was packing up for the trip. But here's the interesting part: Me and my parents were going to Pigeon Forge to go shopping and we were stuck in traffic. I happened to look to my left and there was a truck with a trailer that had the word "TRACER" written on the side of the trailer. and my brain was like "UGH! OVERWATCH! UGH!" and then I suddenly remembered about it. and when I came back from shopping I watched nothing but videos about Overwatch mostly from a YouTube channel called "The Leaderboard" and a few others. and I remember saying to myself. "The first thing that I am going to do when I get home is to play Overwatch." and this was when the Halloween event was going on.