Monday, July 4, 2016

Phasehacker News: Happy Fourth of July! Website Updates and More

Today is July 4th 2016. Which means that Today is Independence Day of the United States of America. Or if you're outside of the US, It's just a normal Monday. So get ready to light off some fireworks, grill some food, Watch the movie Independence Day (Like we do.) or stay inside an air conditioned house.
Moving onto another topic. You might notice some new things on here. I did a little tweaking to the template for this site. By changing the background to the inside of my computer. and I added a link to my gaming/toy review channel on YouTube. So, What do you think of the new Phasehacker page? Do you want me to change it back or keep it? Feel free to leave to comment down below discussing your opinion on the update.

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