Saturday, December 19, 2015

A Very IMPORTANT Message to all Xbox Live and PSN Users

Here is a special message to everyone who uses Xbox Live and PlayStation Network. There is a hacker group named the "Phantom Squad" and they are threatening to shut down both Xbox Live and PSN for a week during Christmas. and I'm pretty sure that will make gamers all over the world very angry. And they don't want that. And remember, Steam and Nintendo 3DS/Wii U online services are not effected. So, I want to encourage everyone to try to contact the FBI or some other Government organization to try to track down and stop these cybercriminals for ruining another Christmas for everyone! UPDATE: Disregard what I said about Steam not being effected. Right now there is an article on the internet saying that the Steam and Minecraft servers are being targeted. Along with Origin and uPlay. Although they are being targeted by a completely different hacker group. I really hope that Steam doesn't go down on Christmas. I really want to play BL:TPS. :(

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